Round 1 – JUNE 28 – 29

Round 2 – July 19 – 20

round 3 – August 9 – 10

Round 4 – September 13 – 14


over 60 years of serving motocross athletes and their families

Utah’s Non-profit Motocross Training and Racing Facility


Ogden Cycle Association (OCA) is a non-profit motocross training and racing facility in Farr West, Utah. The facility is owned and operated by its members. All OCA members have their own RFID key card and can access the track anytime throughout the year except on days dedicated to grooming, pre-race prep, or scheduled track maintenance.

OCA has a fixed cap on special working memberships. There is currently no cap on non-working memberships, which can be purchased at any point throughout the year.

We’re Nothing Like

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