Utah's Legacy Private Motocross Track

Celebrating over 60 years of professionally serving motocross athletes and their families.

Ogden Cycle Association is a non-profit motocross club and a private motocross track. Several times throughout the year the club will hold open practices and races that allow the public to ride the track. These events are typically races and open practices. These dates will be posted here on the website, facebook, and Instagram. The track is known as Hot Springs Raceway and is located in Farr West, Utah. The property is owned, operated and maintained by club working members. All members have their own key and can access the track anytime throughout the year except on grooming days, pre-race prep days, or when the club has work parties. OCA is managed by a Board of Directors. The BOD are voted in by the members.

OCA has a limited amount of working memberships available.  The club is governed by a series of By-Laws that all members must follow. 

Why OCA?


Why OCA?

Real Motocross. Real Community.

Many lament that the heyday of motocross is long gone. We’re not buying it.

OCA is more than just a private MX track. We’re a club and welcoming community dedicated to a dynamic lifestyle full of passion for dirt bikes, motocross, family, and having a damn good time.

Become a member, join us for an open practice or come stand one of us up in a corner on race day—it’s all good. We want to meet you, hear your story, and share some laughs. You’re always welcome to be part of the OCA moto family.

Know a member? Ask them about riding on a guest pass.

A key to the gate AND the pump house.

OCA is a private entrance-managed facility that affords members direct access to the track and water system six days a week during the season. Whether you’re a battle-worn vet, an up-and-coming A-class rider, or simply a parent that is looking for a well managed and uncrowded facility to teach your young ones about the best sport on the planet, OCA fits the bill.

Riding at a private facility is an entirely different experience from a public track. The lower rider volume provides space and time for our member riders to focus on their riding skills and progression objectives. This lower churn of riders also allows our grooming crew ample opportunity to keep the track in top shape.

If you’re ready to take your riding to the next level or just looking for a place where your family can get seat time on your own terms, OCA just might be the spot for you.


Legendary Dirt.

It’s true. Most Western U.S. tracks are known for baked jump faces, machine gun roost, and one lined blue groove heartbreak. Hot Springs Raceway, on the other hand, is carved into the deep brown loam surrounding the Willard Bay—and that makes all the difference. Hot Springs Raceway’s dark chocolate surface can be relied upon to provide multiple lines, deep ruts, and unmatched traction.

Believe the hype. See for yourself at our next open practice or race.

WARNING: Operating a dirt bike on OCA Dirt can be addictive.


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Ogden Cycle Association
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