Ogden Cycle Association – Hot Springs Raceway

Ogden Cycle Association is a motorcycle club and a private motocross track.  Several times throughout the year the club will hold events that allows the public to ride the track.  These events are typically races and open practices.  These dates will be posted here on the website, facebook, and twitter.  All the revenue from these events fund the operations of our track, property expenses, grooming, water rights, ect.  We also have several sponsors that help with funding.  Anyone can sponsor our club, either through donating goods to be awarded at race events, or through a monetary donation.  We offer advertising on the property and here on our website.  The track is known as Hot Springs Raceway and is located in Farr West, Utah.  The property is owned, operated and maintained by club working members.  All members have their own key and can access the track anytime throughout the year except on grooming days, pre-race prep days, or when the club has work parties.  OCA is managed by a Board of Directors.  The BOD are voted in by the members.  OCA has a limited amount of working memberships available.  The club follows a set of By-Laws that all members must follow.  We also offer non-working memberships that allow you to access the track the same as a working member without putting in the work hours.  There is no cap on Non-Working memberships and they are available for purchase at anytime throughout the year.  Non-working members do not get the same benefits as working members, they only get access to ride the track during the non-public events.  OCA also offers shop memberships.  Shop memberships are available by appointment of the Board of Directors only.  Any shop interested in obtaining a shop pass can set up a meet with the BOD to discuss options.  If you have any questions about becoming an OCA member, check out our memberships page.  If you have questions beyond the info available here send us an email.


Below we have a slideshow of overhead photos from Google Earth.  This will give you an idea of how much the track has grown over the years.