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 New Working Members attend a club meeting to finalize their new membership. Our By-Laws state: Any person of good moral character, proposed by a member in good standing and accepted by majority vote of the general membership present at a club meeting may become a member provided they are willing to accept and perform all requirements of the organization.

*This price includes the one-time $12 service fee for your keycard.


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Membership Information

IMPORTANT: All members must fill out and sign the OCA Membership Agreement, Parental Consent and Waiver every year. This documentation is now integrated into the checkout process when purchasing memberships.

Our By-Laws state that in order to become a new working member you must attend a club meeting, have a current member must vouch for your character and the members present at the meeting must have a majority vote to confirm. It is possible to become a working member even if you don’t know a current member. If that is the case you need to schedule a meeting with the Board of Directors for them to have a personal interview and make a decision from there.

Non-working Memberships are available at any time throughout the year and do NOT require attending a meeting. Non Working memberships do NOT have a cap, we have an unlimited amount available at all times.

All memberships are for the calendar year/season.  Whether you purchase your membership in January or July, it is good until the end of the year, NOT 1 year from the date of purchase.

Active memberships have access to use the track year-round, even in the off-season while we don’t have water or grooming. During the off-season, the conditions can get rough, and without water, it can get very dusty. We ask our members to use their best judgment when they use the track when there isn’t water available. If it gets too dusty or if the track is too rough to ride then members are asked to not ride during those times. We must be respectful of our neighbors, use your best judgment.

Membership Renewals

All active member riders must sign the OCA Membership Agreement, and if applicable, the Parental Consent Release And Waiver EACH YEAR.

Membership renewal payments are due by November 1 and are considered delinquent after January 31.

Guest Passes

  • All guests must be accompanied by their sponsoring OCA member at all times while on club property. It is not acceptable for an OCA member to leave their guests at the facility alone for any amount of time.
  • The sponsoring member must ensure guests obey all track rules and will be solely responsible for their guests’ actions while using the track and facilities.
  • OCA Guest Passes are valid for one track day and can be purchased no more than 36 hours before the day of use. PURCHASE GUEST PASSES HERE


Club Meetings

Club meetings are typically held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7 pm at the Roy City Library. Occasionally there are scheduling conflicts in which case we will post the date of the meeting in advance. Working members are required to attend at least half of the meetings annually to remain in good standing. All club business is discussed and voted upon at these meetings. By attending you will get a chance to have your voice heard. Any changes to by-laws are proposed and voted on. You can also buy guest passes and pay your membership renewals.   If you are interested in becoming a member, please attend one of our monthly club meetings. At the meetings you can get a feel for how the club works, as well as ask any questions about becoming a member. We have a limited number of working memberships available but as working members become charter, new spots open up. You can also email memberships@ocamx.com or info@ocamx.com for more information.  New working members must attend a club meeting to turn in their application and talk with the board of directors prior to becoming a member.

Pump House Procedure

The sprinkler system is a one-step process. The sprinklers should be run on a regular basis to avoid dust and also assist in grooming prep by keeping moisture in the track.

Please allow other members to water on an appropriate interval.

The one-step process is posted at the system controller on the southeast corner of the track.

There is literally no better place in Utah for a young rider to develop their motocross skills than OCA.

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